10x20 Sunshade/tarp  2-color with Handsewn grommets.  The stripes go the LONG way on this model.

Size is approximate, may be slightly less finished (about 117in wide).  Heavy duty 13 oz cotton canvas duck water-repellent.

Has 3 hand-sewn grommets per side and straps.  If you have ever wanted a sunshade that the grommets won't rip out on, this is the one.

The colored stripes(4) are arranged so that they alternate stripes of white and blue about 32in wide wide on the sides.

This is the old style of stripe instead of the wide band in the middle,  We changed it back by request because so many people thought it looked more medieval this way, and make for a better mini-Viking tent when set up like a wedge.

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Sunshade/tarp 10x20 White/Blue Hand-sewn grommets

  • Brand: Midwest Tent
  • Product Code: SS-1020-UW
  • Availability: Out of stock for now
  • $135.00