5ft to 8ft long, (select actual size when ordering from the check-boxes... FOR CUSTOM SIZES YOU NEED TO ADD A NOTE AND SELECT THE NEAREST SIZE LARGER ). Tent pole 1.5 inch diameter octagonal one piece - make sure you select size and any pins when ordering.  For measuring, length is the wood part, and the pin makes the shipping length a bit longer.  These are made from select pine or spruce, usually none to small knots that don't affect strength. 

These are unstained so you can finish them as you like. Light colored stains are best as they do not show chips as bad.  Clear coating is a good idea to keep poles from warping or mildewing if stored wet.

If you need longer pins (like for ridge pole uprights) make sure you select that also.  Pins need to be longer to go through the ridge pole.

NOTE:  Shipping time is about 7 days max right now but that can be shorter or longer depending on your order size.  Smaller orders have priority but let me know if you have plenty of time or are in a rush if that is important.

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Tent pole one piece octagonal 4.1 to 8ft long

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