White heavy water-repellent cotton canvas, 4 sides lift-able, 12ft base and 11ft at eves.  The edges have grommets that allow you to lace up any or all corners with rope tightly.  No ties to flop around in the wind, so you can use this as a sales pavilion, or a sunshade - no problem.  Side pole height is 6 ft 4 in (not included), with a center pole height of 12ft (not included)  You can get by with the 4 corner poles or add awning poles to get all the room you need.

Ropes, poles, and stakes not included.

Because this tent does not have an extra awning or windows, it is bargain priced!  Note: we also have 12ft versions of this tent available.

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Tent - 12ft Slant-wall square Sales/Kitchen tent 4 sides lift-able as awnings

  • Product Code: SWT4LIFT-12
  • Availability: Out of stock for now
  • $465.00