10ft x 10ft Removable Wall Square

12ft tall with 7ft walls

Canvas is 15oz water-repellent cotton canvas duck natural colored (light cream) (not fire-retardant treated)

This tent has removable walls that hang down between 8 inch tall valences. The walls are hung on clips and hooks, and are detachable to allow the tent to have one or more sides open, use it as a sunshade, and to make it easier to carry around rather than haul on heavy piece.The 7ft tall walls require poles of about 7ft-3in  with 3/8in pins in the end.The poles may be made from 2x3’s, cut down 2x4’s, or strong dowels. The tips of the poles must be large enough to keep from damaging the grommetted points. The grommets are hand-sewn super reinforced, and are made to be very long-lasting. The tip of the tent is also reinforced with heavy pads that should outlast the tent itself. A center pole can be as easy as just a 2x4 with a 3/8" pin in the end.  You can also make a center pole by screwing a floor flange (1”) to a wood disk (included) for threaded pipe to thread into . This would allow 1” black iron pipe to be used for a center pole which can be taken apart in sections, held together with couplers and another floor flange on the bottom. Galvanized pipe does not work as well and is virtually impossible to keep paint on if you want to paint it.

Parts you will need to get:

16 Ropes about 12.5ft long

16 12in landscape spikes for ropes

16 shorter stakes for wall bottom (6” work well)

16 side poles about 7ft-3in long with 3/8in pins

1 12ft center pole.

NOTE!  There are 5 grommets per side, not 4 like in the picture. This is so you can have 3 or 5 poles on each side whichever you want.  The doorway is just made by folding back a wall and hanging it inside, but you can reposition the door about anywhere or even have a whole side open if you want.

You can usually get by with less side poles or even put a long 2x4 beam on edge across a section to have a clear opening to eliminate some or all the middle poles on one side. To do that, make the end poles shorter with a longer pin and attach the mid grommet holes to the beam with 3/8in bolts and nuts. This is a common method for vendors using this design to keep clumsy customers from tripping on ropes and knocking poles over.

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Tent - 10x10 Removable Wall Square w/7ft walls

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