For use with 15ft long wall tents that have 120 degree angles for wall and roof both.   This kit includes 6 end brackets and 6 middle brackets to use with 1 inch conduit (not included).
This allows you to put up a wall tent without having a center pole in the way of the door. All-metal 120 degree brackets are zinc coated and have hand cinch eye-bolts to tighten it all together.
The eye-bolts make for a super-solid structure that has NO play at all.

When you use a frame of these brackets, you only need to use 2 ropes and the side stakes to hold it down, and it is one seriously strong structure. If it isn't windy, I don't even bother with the ropes.

This kit has 12 brackets and does NOT include the pipes.

To use this on our 15ft wall tent, you will need:

22 5ft pieces of 1 inch conduit, and 3 pieces slightly smaller.  The 3 are the horizontals in one bay, as our tent is a bit under 15ft long inside.

Keep in mind that 1 inch conduit is slightly larger than one inch in diameter!  Do not use the 3/4 inch which is about 1 inch outside measurement.

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Wall tent 12 bracket kit (120 degree)

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