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10x10 base slanted-wall tent with rear window, white, sewn of water-repellent cotton canvas.


10ft x 10ft at base

8ft x 8ft at eves

10ft tall at center

6ft -5in tall at eves (side pole height)


New and improved version!  All of the slant-wall tents have HAND SEWN SUPER DUTY GROMMETS.  They can be set up with poles, frames, or even pipes and brackets.

Doors have overlap and double ties, to keep out the worst storms. An awning is attached over the door and extends out from the front to give you a shady area. This tent goes up quickly by simply staking it down in a nice neat square, and putting the the poles, then adding the ropes to make it all tight. The tent actually stays up with just the center pole, so that makes it easy to put in the side poles. Because it is designed to use a lot of poles, they can be super light! Aluminum, closet rod, or just about anything will work for the side poles. It is made for 5 poles per side and you can either put them vertical inside or lean them to the corner to give you more room. It only adds about ½ inch to make them leaners, so you can actually use the same length poles for either set-up.

The canvas is 12.6 ounce water-repellent cotton canvas, without caustic chemicals added, and absolutely no bad canvas smell. (select weight at right - 12.6 ounce can ship to Canada USPS)

Ropes end up about 8-11ft so they don't have to go very far out from the tent perfect for events like Pennsic where you don't have a lot of room!

(NEW!) Rear window with heavy duty screen rolls up and bottom seals with velcro when down.

These are are very basic, easy to set up tent that is simple for you to modify to make it your own.  Many customers add dags to the awning (if you want some colored canvas scraps let me know), or modify the window in various ways etc.  The canvas can be painted with watered down acrylics, but painting the roof might make it leak so be careful about that. I hope to get some pictures of some of the customizations you can do soon.

NOTE  NEVER paint a tent while it is set up, always lay it flat or the paint will run off!

 Requires (not included):

13-16 side/awning poles 6ft-5in long with 3/8in pin in end. There are basically 5 grommets per side so you can customize it for whatever you want to do. Some people make permanent frames from wood and you would just use bolts to tie the tent to that.

18 tent pegs or stakes  12 inch landscape spikes work great (all homecenters have these)

1 center pole 10ft with 3/8in pin in end  You can use wood, or threaded plumbing pipe if you need to take it apart. We usually have setup kits but they won't be available until our shop is back together in January.

18 ropes 8-11ft long with sliders. Tent is pretty stable without any ropes so basically they just hold the tent tight so it looks good.

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Tent - Square Slant-wall White with awning and rear window

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