Medieval Bell Wedge Tent 15x25x10ft tall White



White French style Giant Medieval Bell Wedge
with door-awning in front which protects well from rain. Simply tie the awning to the face for a super storm-resistant dwelling. Seams are fully concealed. NOT FLAT SEWN! All of the seams on our tents are fully french or webbed to make them strong. Narrow panels used for medieval appearance. 12 ounce water-repellent fabric, and standard mudcloth bottom seal. Keep in mind that some other manufacturers claim 10.7oz fabric is 14 ounce but it is NOT. This a great weight of fabric for this size tent. The door is the open-side style allowing you to sit inside on rainy days and watch the world go by, or even merchant out of. You can easily add a huge awning over the top, if you use a ridge-pole.  A ridge pole is not needed unless you want a straight top edge.  This can be set up with a 2x4 ridge and a single center pole for 2 large areas inside, and it is very stable like that (just bolt the ridge to the tent through the grommet holes, and use a shorter pin on the single center pole). The top grommets are 8 layers with a wood disk inside, and will never rip out. This tent is HUGE inside and super looking outside.   Stake straps are designed to use either small wood or iron stakes, and landscape spikes also work just fine (12 inch nails).

Height: 10ft

Requires but not included:
Two wood poles (2x3 or 1.5inch rounds or squares or larger),
optional top beam (2x4),
Stakes (Landscaping spikes with washers work well).

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Tent - Medieval Bell Wedge Large White 25x15x10ft

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