Standard wall tent with doors on both ends and 5 foot walls in heavy-duty cotton canvas. Doors on both ends allows for flow-through ventilation, and the super strong heavy-duty peak grommets mean you will not have anything rip out on you in heavy winds. Wall tents with these tall side walls are very roomy but require longer ropes or the use of side poles.

Width 10 feet
Length 15 feet
Height 7.5 feet
Wall Height 5 feet
Color Off White (natural)
Fabric Heavy Duty Army Duck high count 13 ounce cotton canvas heavy-duty
Roof grommets 2 - Hand stitched multi-layer indestructible
Wall grommets 10 - Solid brass on outside lips for exterior side poles (3/8in pins)
Doors Both ends with double ties and overlap
Angles roof to wall and peak 120 degrees - fits hi-angle carport brackets!

The canvas we use on these tents is similar to Army duck and has a rougher appearance than Sunforger or other treated canvas. It is much better for historical look and it very tough with great weather protection. Doors on both ends that have a healthy overlap and double ties. You can use it with just two poles, but side poles and a ridge pole makes it much better and shortens the ropes quite a bit. Fits 120 degree carport brackets if you want a full frame.  This fabric is very water-repellent, yet breathes great when dry, and can keep you dry in seriously bad weather. You will be shocked by the room you have in one of these, and can put a big bed and lots of stuff and still have plenty of space to walk around. Wall tents in general are the best for usable space, and have been used for centuries in various forms.

This canvas is not fire-retardant, and there are no sod-flaps, stove holes, or floor. The spikes, poles and ropes are not included, but are available extra. Metal brackets are also available if you want to go with an all-metal frame.

New for 2020 => Wood sliders (for 3/8in rope) are now included free!

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Tent - Wall Tent 10x15 with 5ft walls

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